A pooja

A pooja

P1070150A pooja is part of the everyday rituals of all practicing Hindus. Many of us have a room, or a corner of the house set aside specially for holding the ritual. During a pooja the following happens.

A bronze temple bell is rung by the devotee on entry to the Temple.

The tilak consisting of sandalwood paste & red powder is applied to the forehead at the start of the pooja.

Incense sticks are burnt to symbolize the ever presence of the Lord.

Camphor pellets are burnt. As  these melt and burn they symbolize the melting of one’s ego. As the smoke ascends, it allows the devotee to become closer to the Deity. During this part of the ceremony the smoke is wafted three times towards the face with cupped hands.

A coconut is broken, using a machete. The water inside a coconut is absolutely pure and uncontaminated. It is scattered around the temple area.

Prasad, consisting of bananas, sweets and other food, is offered to the God.

Pandi and Chris.

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