Our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. A team member visits the local markets and stores most days.

Breakfast – either a European breakfast of juice, homemade bread with marmalades and jams, fruits, eggs in a range of forms or a South Indian vegetarian breakfast such as dosa, idli or roti with dips and chutneys,.

Lunch – a two course light lunch of homemade soups and fruits or, if you are hungry, there is a a three course option, with includes a rice or pasta dish.

Dinner –  a range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian menus influenced by a fusion of Indian, Asian and European recipes.

We are live in an area where fruits of all types are abundant. We pick limes in the garden, have a few custard apple trees and have our own mango farm. Pineapples, pomegranates and sapotta are available at the local market, depending on the season.

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