Regular visitors to the garden

Regular visitors to the garden

PHOTO E 4PHOTO E 6Sunbirds are always around in the garden. They seem to focus on one flower colour and then move on to another colour when the first is in short supply. They will often come right up to the verandah, where guest are eating breakfast or reading a book.


Robins are also regular visitors. They often build a nest in the gable of Valley House. Their red rump makes them different from the robins seen in Europe and in North America.






Peacocks regularly walk through the garden searching for food. They can be seen picking at the pomegranates, when they are in season. This year there was a brood of five chicks in the far corner of the grounds, near the farm.






The bulbul is also a regular visitor. It can often be seen siting on the highest perches on the neem tree in front of the main house.

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