Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

As responsible and responsive providers of experiences for tourism, we are guided by our intimate knowledge of our setting and local needs. We recognise that we are in nature, a part of nature and have an impact on nature. 

We are sensitive to the ‘feel’ of the place, intent on the stewardship of this environment through sustainable conservation and/ or development. We try to be responsive to its natural cycles and seasons, as we consider the homestay’s environmental and social impact. We contribute to the local economy through sourcing local products, materials and expertise.

We work as a team, listening to ideas and considering the impacts of our homestay and its development on local people, flora and wildlife.

We encourage our guests to understand more about our place in nature and the traditions that underpin it.


  • creating a range of habitats for birds and wildlife
  • wherever possible, shopping locally and sourcing local products, materials, tradespeople and artisans for daily life and for building and maintenance projects
  • offering a low key tour to explore local traditions in a rural area
  • solar heating of water
  • solar energy to pump water to irrigate our mango farm
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