Textile artist inspired by stay

Textile artist inspired by stay

IK 3British textile artist, Isabelle king, has been inspired by the colours and textures that she saw while on her visit at Cardamom House. She has spent almost eighty hours designing multimedia pages, depicting kingfishers, peacocks, insects and pomegranates as well as developing designs prompted by the many colours of sari material. She has also used ink blocks to print patterns on silk, bought in SKCs in Dindigul. The knot on a wooden door led to another piece of work. Some work shows her fascination with Tamil script. The staff of Cardamom House now have to find a way od displaying her textile art.

Now that she is back in the UK, she has decided to make another momento of her stay in Tamilnadu – one that she can keep, share with friends and display for herself.

IK 1

IK 2

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