The swimming pool

Pool with view of the mountains

POOL MOUNTAINS @A swimming pool? Responsible tourism? Can they go together? Is it better to swim in Dindigul’s drinking water source or to swim in a purpose -built pool?

Our swimming pool was designed and constructed by a world renowned and well respected French company It was also planned for a minimum long-term impact on the environment. The disturbance to the subsoil was minimal. The pre-pressed supports for the concrete used a modern composite strong enough to ensure rigid walls but using the smallest possible amount of cement. The trouble with tiled pools is that with time the grouting disintegrates and becomes discoloured. This provides a breeding ground for an array of bacteria and algae. Heavy doses of chlorine may kill such invaders – but is not good for users or the environment. 

D Photo 2Our eco friendly approach can be seen in our choice of a solar system dedicated solely to pumping the pool water. This powerful solar array enables us to run the pumps for 8 hours a day – doubling the time that most pools use their pumps. Daily vacuuming and skimming removes physical debris. Water quality is checked daily and any identified alterations in water chemistry / quality – are quickly rectified by adjusting the pH (Acid/Alkaline Balance) with appropriate buffers and occasionally adding a small quantity of chlorine (solid form) to the water. This results in a perfect balanced pool water quality. One Trip Advisor reviewer writes about our pool:

” There is an immaculately clean swimming pool, possibly the cleanest and best kept we have encountered in India.”

BUTTERFLYIn addition, this has given us the opportunity to create another habitat for birds and butterflies. As you swim, bee eaters may dive into the pool, or the current season’s butterflies may drift around feeding on our nectar-rich plants – a photographer’s delight!



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