Things to do: Tour of Athoor Village

Things to do: Tour of Athoor Village

When possible, we offer an optional guided tour of Athoor Village. This cannot be pre-booked.


If interested please contact a staff member.

The tour is conducted by an experienced guide, generally in the morning, as there is more to see and it’s cooler. Things to be seen change from day to day. For example, schools are closed on Sundays.

On the tour you might visit

  • the goat herders’ village;
  • the local primary school;
  • Athoor Village Square;
  • the Catholic Church;
  • small temples.

Local industries include

  • brick making and chamber kilns;Cook
  • sari making on hand looms;
  • rope making from coconut fibre;
  • the market;
  • rice milling;
  • charcoal making.

Guests normally have their own car and driver. If you do not have a vehicle, we can arrange to rent an auto rickshaw or taxi on your behalf from Athoor Village.


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